Nigerian Taxi Fleet to Be Renewed by IKCO Cars

اخبار خودرو

By next year, Nigeria's taxi fleet will be renewed by the order registration of 310 sets of IKCO Samand and Peugeot 405 sedans.

"Since Nigeria is developing economically, IKCO can win a good share of its car market by dispatching its products to this country," reiterated Hassan Golchubian, IKCO Export Director for the Middle East and Africa.

Given the fact that Nigerian market is one of the most important markets in the West African markets, he said: "The growing demand for IKCO cars in Nigerian market has brought about a golden opportunity for IKCO to be actively present in this country."

Emphasizing his company's determination over a stable presence in African markets, the Director stated, "In 2017, we identified some of the problems and obstacles we faced in exporting our products to the African markets, and somehow we were able to achieve our export goals, and certainly this path would be paved for the years to come."

"The African market, especially North African ones provide a suitable platform for the entry of IKCO into the world's market," he declared, referring to the contract with Senegal's airlines and its public transportation company in order to export IKCO Samand and IKCO Dena to that market.

Saying that IKCO has plans to enter the market of neighboring countries of Senegal, such as Ivory Coast and Gambia through developing cooperation with Senegal, IKCO Export Director for the Middle East and Africa cited, "People from Senegal Neighboring countries are in good relation with this country and we can definitely export to these markets, extending our cooperation with Senegal to an acceptable level."

Golchubian also announced that IKCO would start exporting to Tunisia in the near future and continued, "Considering the conditions under which talks and negotiations are taking place, we anticipate the first cargo of IKCO cars to be dispatched to Tunisia within the next one or two months."

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